Searching for some Indie Game!

Hello! :) I am searching for some good indie game, I've got 2 types of game I am looking for!

1.I am looking for some 3D, mostly for old school one, the one with graphics that remind me of Myst, and I love it when it feel atmospheric
So far I got games like BloodyCheckers which I LOVE!! I also got Labyrinth which is Very good! :) a bit laggy but really nice! I got Blood & Bacon, but I don't like it that much... it really just is about exploding everything over and over in the same spot. I got Murder for Dinner, which was okay, but REALLY short... it last like 10 minute...  I was also wondering if The Monastery was good? It look scary :P
I like it when it is kind of medieval.

2. Me and my friend are searching for really nice Multiplayer game, we fell on CastleMiner Z, which is a sort of Minecraft but more intense with guns loll, we have fun with it, but we also already have Minecraft. We also got White Noise Online, which is cool, what else could we REALLY enjoy? especially co-op? and not too expensive. :)

Thank you :)


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