Video DVR clips are no problem to find at all but on my first day of using Xbox One I took a screen shot using the kinect voice controls. Problem is, I literally cannot find it anywhere.

I know I'm going to kick myself when I find out, but seriously, where do they go? 


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How did you manage to take a screen shot. Ive had my console a month and not seen that option

I've never seen this option either :(

I'd be interested in this if it exists. Never heard about it before!

There isn't a screenshot function on X1 is there? The only way I've found to get screenshots is by either watching gameclips back on smartglass and doing screen grabs on my phone, or by taking screenshots of gameclips on my PC.

Hold on, let me check this. I'm sure I did it!

I'm a daydreamer but I'm not that bad I don't think xD

Right... I feel silly, I don't know what I read when I tried taking it but either it's a Forza only voice command or I completely misread or imagined it.

I'll have a quick look around the Forza menus next time I play but I'm too lazy to put the disc in right now. Sorry to waste your time guys, I feel stupid :'(