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 was looking to see what screen/TV's most people have on here for use on their XO and/or PS4?

I'm looking to get a new TV that I want to use purely for gaming and I've been advised to get one that has good Input lag?!?!

I've been told that 13ms is good and 8ms is really good? Can anyone confirm or deny this. This is one bit of technical I don't quite get yet...


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You would be better of buying a 24" monitor if its purely for gaming.

This is the TV i use as i wanted a TV for my front room but also one for gaming It had at the time one of the lowest input lag seen on a TV. Most of the new Sony range have the lowest input lag now.

The lower the ms value on input lag the better the screen will be for gaming.

I have been looking at the range of Sony set and the one my friend has, has a input lag of 13.5, so I'm hoping this years model is about the same?

Which is actually the one that has replaced yours!!!...

I have a Panasonic viera 4k 50", Never seen anything so vivid in my life, if you have the space and the cash, I wouldn't want anything else to play my Xbox one on.

Even Xbox 360 in backwards compatible looks beautiful.