Screen. Size whilst playing DVDs

This will sound dumb I know but oh well . I wanted to play a DVD and the screen size changes to 4:3, however on the Xbox 360 you could change the size to letterbox, however I can't seem to find the button on the Xbox one, does it exist or do I need to live with it lol . Also it's nothing to do with my tv as that's set to 16:9

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Dont know if its the same but when watching tv if you press the button with the three little lines on you can change the aspect there?

Hope that helps.

Cheers I'll try that in a bit

Nope don't look I can change it

Ah thats a shame worth a look

Just seems very strange play it on the DVD player downstairs and it's fine but play it on the Xbox one and the screen shrinks

Yeah its one of those annoying little things ive noticed too. always used the 360 for dvds since it could go full screen when the rival machine wouldnt, much like the one now.


Haven't tried any dvds or even blurays on One yet but its a bit daft that we can't change the ratio.

My two year old daughter knows how to do it on the 360!

Hopefully, its on the list for future updates.

Hopefully, played the same DVD on the DVD player downstairs and it fill the screen lovely so defiantly the console

and still no update for this!!!