screen resolution won't change to 1080

I've been playing games in 1080 hi resolution on a 37" LCD with no problems.

I've now setup a 32" LCD in the bedroom and it won't change to to 1080. I've tried 1080i 1080p auto but the dashboard resolution and game reslution looks 720. I've reset the resolution and tried all options for mthe system settings.

The xbox settings indicates the screen output is 1080, but it does not change the game reslution quality. My 20"LCD work hi res, but why not 32" Toshiba?

please help


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fixed it in the end. The new 32" is not full 1080HD. I will take it back to Curry's.

The majority of games, as well as the dashboard only render to 720p and let the graphics processor scale up the result before output. Only a few games (primarily some Arcade and Indie titles) natively render to 1080p.

That said, the settings on the TV can dramatically affect the perceived resolution and sharpness. The default settings on most TVs aggressively sharpen edges which is bad enough for regular video, but for games this will also exaggerate jaggedness along edges and in textures. Switching the picture mode or scene on the TV from its default setting to one like custom or cinema, and then disabling any "enhancements" still turned on in the menus is essential in getting a comfortable picture with games.

Even if your old TV was full 1920x1080 resolution, I think that it's the processing that is the main culprit in reducing the picture quality on the new one.

that is not talling me how to get 1080 on my xbox360, I was able to change resolution on xbox360 before, Why not now?

Is the 1080p option grayed out in the settings? Also, have you changed anything in your setup since you were able to get 1080p output?