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New to gaming and NCAA12.  I think my screen settings are off in my TV or the console.  I can't see the wide receivers on offense, the narrow width of vision cuts off toward their positions toward the sidelines.  I can't figure out a view to get them into my field of vision or find a way to look over at them.

Is this normal?  I play games now and then on an older Toshiba 35-inch (not a flat screen).  This might not be the best forum to post a tech question.  But if you could direct me to a link with the best info on the sort of think I'd appreciate it.



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Well, i'm not a TV technician, but i'll take a look :) lol


Unfortunately its a pretty difficult question to answer, esp. without more detail (such as what TV model, what ratio, what cables, what model of xbox etc)


First off, are you sure it isn't just the game? I haven't played NCAA 12 myself as I am in the UK, and we don't get the College football games here, only the NFL ones. However, I have found some screen-shots. So does it look like this on your setup?


if the answer is NO, then it may be the TV.

Is it a 4:3 ratio, or widescreen?

There should be a menu to access the TV's display options, and it may (depending on the model) be able to display in 'letterbox' or 'widescreen' with black bars at the top and bottom. try changing it to that and see if it reveals more play area.


Failing that you can change the display settings on the console itself, but I the changes you may need to make depend on the cables you are using.



and change the options one at a time, e.g. resolution and the ratios to see if they make a difference.

here is the official page that will walk you through it


Hope that helps! good luck.