Screen flashes black

I just got my son an Xbox for his birthday. I was playing it last night (Minecraft) and every few seconds the screen would flash black (or off) and back on again. I tried a different map in Minecraft, same issue. It even happened in the menu. I then worried it was hardware failing. Could this happen due to overheating?

I noticed my son had the Minecraft case sitting on top of the Xbox (where the vent is to let hot air escape). I removed it, and since then (10 or so minutes) of gameplay haven't noticed it happen again.

My questions really are: does that even make sense for the screen to flash due to being too hot? And secondly, I'm still within my return policy... should I just exchange it for a new console? I've heard a lot of people having issues with their Xboxes over the years and I'm not going to be happy if I end up having to dish out another 200-300 bucks for a new one if this thing breaks.

Any suggestions welcome... Thanks.


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try a a/v cable setting...(a/v cable is jacks with yellow, red, white)

Well I ended up exchanging it.

When I got home yesterday, turned it on and there were horizontal lines spotting here and there.

Never had issues with that cable when I used it on the Apple TV, nor any issues with TV. The issue, being intermittent, is a pain in the *** to diagnose. If it comes back it's obviously not the Xbox. But my bet is it was the HDMI port / GPU having issues.

Thanks for the feedback.

Any opinion on whether or not I should exchange it for a new one?

Don`t try it again,as you can seriously damage the console.

Thanks for the reply... I just wasn't sure if this sounded like a symptom of overheating, or something else.

If anyone else has any feedback, please let me know.

Also- would it be safe to try and replicate the problem again by putting a case back on it and seeing if it happens again? That way I know for sure that's what caused it?

With my return policy closing soon, I just want to be sure I have this figured out before it's too late and I'm stuck with a potentially prone-to-fail console. Thanks again.

[quote user="GraciousSnake04"]I noticed my son had the Minecraft case sitting on top of the Xbox (where the vent is to let hot air escape). [/quote]

Definitely a big mistake,the console needs as much ventilation as possible.

If it hasn`t happened again then the console was definitely overheating,probably causing the problem.