Scammers on Xbox Live!

hey i noticed quite a lot lately i go into games on fifa 13 or any call of duty, or any other multiplayer games and sending me messages like hey i can host this to get to a high rank or trade 3 month or 1600,2100 msps code for certain DLC..

now what i want to know what are xbox doing about this? are they ever going to stop scammers?

i personally got in a party with a couple of scammers in the past and ask why you do this etc.. they went very negative towards me and they seem to be people aged 16 and over and praying on little kids because they are so gullable, and they will believe everything...


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As others have said if you don't report it they can just keep doing it to others. Hopefully more people say something in the future!

I instantly block any messages like that.

Microsoft have the Policy Enforcement Team to punish people who undertake this kind of behaviour, when you see it happening file a report through your console to bring the matter to their attention.

It can be kind of frustrating though. On a few occasions I have found out a friend was involved in some shady xbox live activity. I reported them like anyone would. For the next few months until I eventually un-friended them, to my knowledge they were never penalized or caught for what they were doing.

On the other hand, reported someone for the exact same offense described in the original post(He was scamming people with the promise of fotus armor in Halo 4). A week later i checked on his profile, and he was just gone.

Sometimes the system works, sometimes it doesn't.

Uh duhhh ppl scam over xbl only target the ignorant !

Well Xbox Enforcement team can't do anything about it if you don't file a complaint.

Been quite a number of scammers posting in the XBL forums recently to.

And I`ve personally reported every one that I have found!