It makes no sense at all that if I buy DLC packages for games like call of duty on my Xbox One then go play my Xbox 360 on the SAME account I have to buy the DLC stuff AGAIN ?! get it together an fix this, BEYOND ridiculous. 


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Yeah, that's not very good. I'll never own multiples for that very reason.

It happens. PS3-PS4 is the same way.

It's the developers fault. They want to over charge for stuff and Activision is notorious for it. They certainly have the capability to make it so you buy it on one console and it's there on the other. It's something that's been demonstrated with the cross buy games available on PSN.

Xbox One = Xbox One


Xbox 360 = Xbox 360


All my game play transferred over from my 360 to X1. I never buy DLC, but I can see DLC for a 360 is for a 360, X1 for X1. Really nothing to fix. I dumped my 360 Ghosts, went with X1. Personally I see reason to switch back and forth on console with the same game, but that's me....  each to there own.

I just bought my game online for the 360 when it came out and then the season pass for the 360 as well so I got the XB1 game for $10 and the season pass in free on the XB1 version. It was all documented and put out there for a while now. There is no scam. The only scam would be if they made us buy both versions of every game this year for full price.

once people realize that the 360 and the 1 are TWO DIFFERENT consoles....  these types of mis-understandings will go away...