Scam Messages. Don't fall prey to them.

I just found out that I received a message through Xbox Live six days ago about one of my friend telling me to go to a website. Then, the same friend sent me a message telling me to not fall for any of the messages. I finally talked to him today and he told me the truth: he never ever sent me a message about a website offering free microsoft points, which it's impossible. So, he told me that there are people who are using my gamertag or maybe one of my friend's gamertag to hide their own name. Their objective: to lure me or others to a scam where they'll steal or hijack  my  account (yours for that matter) and take control of it so they can harm others much like the Black Death sort of speak. So, I'm asking you, fellow gamers, boys and girls, don't fall prey to these messages. I REPEAT, DO NOT FALL PREY TO THESE MESSAGES. SPREAD THE WORD TO EVERYONE IN YOUR FRIENDS LIST BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. REPORT IT TO MICROSOFT IMMEDIATELY. That will be all.


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And the ones that do(the experienced ones) already know not to fall for them. It's called phishing

Sadly, only a few percentage of people on Xbox LIVE visit these forums :/

this happened to me yesterday.not really a scam,but a guy messaged me and his is exact word's were can you give me 1600 or 800 point's? lol yea ok i dont have 20 bucks to just go and give to someone

Someone tried to pull a cunning confidence trick on me a few days ago. It was an epic fail though. They tried to befriend me by asking about the Ambassador program, claiming that they too were an Ambassador.  They weren't.

After a few messages they sent me a link to a website that supposedly offered 1600 MS Points for free.  Of course, there are no websites that offer points for free, such sites are only designed to steal your account details.  It was of course a phishing scam.

What generally happens here is, they will steal the account that falls for the scam, then send messages out to people on your friends list with the same scam.  Unwitting users fall prey to this tactic, as they believe the message is genuine since it came from a 'friend'.  BE AWARE!

I concur with the other users in this thread. One of my "friends" tried to phish my account information, too. The best thing to do is warn others and to report your "friend", delete the message, and remove the person form your friends list.

Like the above user said its phishing. I would just ignore it won't even open the message just hit delete.

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