saying goodbye to xbox after a long fun ride.

Well after an 8 year tenor and thousands of dollars spent on product and on xbox live I'm calling it quits. I have never been so upset with Microsoft.  From pre ordering my console on June 10th and not seeing it on launch day and missing out on all day 1 bonuses to screw ups on other orders through the ms store, the whole ordeal has been a joke and left me with nothing. Customer service has sucked on every lvl possible with the ms store trying to resolve issues.  Tired of big corporations not caring for the little people. My family is a big 1 who all used to belong to the xbox family. Now we have decided to give Sony a try instead. Thanks xbox for losing another several customers. Hope to see some of you on the ps4.  Done being an ambassador done belonging to enforcers United.  Goodbye xbox


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Goodbye and good luck.

To be fair the same issues are also on playstation.  Both are huge companies that have their individual flaws but they also have positive things the other doesn't.  I couldn't imagine sticking to just one system.  Sounds like your mind is made up and it saddens me to see people leave with a bad taste in their mouth.  Ive learned you have to roll with the punches.

Good luck and I hope you find what your looking for.  That is honest not being a jerk.

Cya in a week.

Good luck man.

Why is always the consumer, and not Corporations which always has to "roll with the punches"?

Why can't companies such as MS and Sony put quality into their products and services before their names (Microsoft and Sony) goes on?

Seems the corporations these days which does that are German corporations. Which also explains why Germany's economy is booming, while other countries, even in the EU are going bust.