Samsung PN50C680 questions

My friend just bought a new PN50C680 3D Samsung Plasma.  We can't find a lot of info about it anywhere, but he's having some issues with playing Xbox on it.  It seems like there is a lag between his controller and what happens on the screen which makes it tough to do anything in online games...

Soo...does any one have any suggestions to try?  He's also getting some audio lag from the sources he uses as well (ie. Xbox, blu ray player).  He's connecting his blu ray player and his xbox via HDMI to the tv, and optical to his receiver. 

Also - any calibration recommendations for this set?  Thanks!


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Regarding calibration its better for your friend to buy the Spears & Munsil or the Disney WoW , these are very good tools for calibration being the S&M more technical and needs some knowledgeable the WOW BR is more user friendly and fun to follow also this disc`s have audio test tones and sound calibration till 7.1    

Regarding the input lag, check your settings to see if there is a game mode options as most Samsungs will have this feature. If not then turn off all smooth motion and color enhancments, this should help out with the input lag.

Ok, thanks to you both.