Same ole Microsoft.

About 7 years ago I left anything that had Microsoft finger prints on any and all products for a competitor. My entire family switched to all of said competitors products, Phones, Desk Top, you get the idea. Why did I leave? Because living on the phone with tech support became unbearable, virus problems software issues and endless finger pointing at each other companies that make up the components for failures in multiple areas . In the years since Ive left I have had one technical issue which required phone support with the new company .....ONE!!! After giving it a lot of thought I purchased an X-Box 360 which other than launching a disc for games or exercise on kinnect I have had numerous issues, all in one week. Today I see that Microsoft acknowledged a problem was going on. I had already paid for the gold service so I guess Im stuck. I only have one more thing to say, how could this incompetence at every level after all these years still be going on? It can only be one of two things, either it's done intentionally to keep people employed working with suckers like me or its just plain stupidity and corporate bloat. Neither answer is good. I know people put up with it because of the incredible content. But not being able to stream MLB TV and keep the SAP button off permanently that keeps resetting itself to on is not exactly rocket science. After years of making fun of Apple people I became one and even though they are not perfect and do not fill all areas of demand by gamers and what not but at least I don't spend my entire life on hold and talking to someone who barely speaks english fixing my problems......good god Balmer, really???? Im boxing this paper weight back up and shipping it back. 


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I'm sorry you're so upset, but my experiences with MS have been absolutely wonderful, regardless of whether I was using their OS, consoles, or phones. Their support, while admittedly not perfect has also helped me numerous times when I needed it.

Out of curiosity, what are you hoping to accomplish by making this thread? In case you aren't aware, this is a public forum and no representative of MS actually reads these boards, so if that's what you're hoping for, I'm afraid it'll fall on deaf ears. That being said, if you're just venting to let off some steam, well, then I suppose that's fine - you go right on ahead...

Good thing Bill Gates invest $158 million into to Apple back in the early 90's before they went *** up....  MS want some competition... even if it cost them some money......

W8 aside, I haven't had any issues. Not sure why some people do. Possibly user error?