ryse son of rome

Does Ryse get any better seems like all i do is press x till the execution prompt rinse and repeat, I'm 2 chapters in.


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Story wise it is like playing through a spin off of the Spartacus series on Starz.  I have gotten to Chapter 4 but that is as far as I have gotten because I bought too many games on release day for Xbox One and keep switching back and forth.

The fun in Ryse besides the obvious roman slashing and draw dropping executions is also utilizing your shield attack and performing combos to rebuild your health and upgrade your attacks through experience gained.  I find it fun to see how far up you can build your combos (i've only been into the 50's) and then unlocking better/different executions.  Also dont forget about both upgrade menus for single player...i went the whole first time through without finding the self upgrades but still had fun and upgraded the other menu to the max.  Im now working on my 2nd play through and finishing upgrading the areas I missed the first time.  Fun and glorious to fight for ROME!

Don't play on easy.