Ryse Son of Rome new gameplay video and review


I found a new gameplay of Ryse and it's look really great. There is some bugs, but the game look magic.


And a review of the multiplayers I found :


Pass a great day


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Not a day one purchase for me but the game looks the most next gen for either console....

This video makes me think... I should purchase an old drive-in theatre, move the screen to my back yard, and game away.

Nice vid, gameplay looked great. I will pick up sometime after launch tho.

This video might be just enough evidence to warrant a day one purchase for me. While the arena fighting stuff is fun, the actual gameplay shown here is more my style. I also love how Crytek appears to be designing, building and tuning the latest version of their graphics engine for the XBox One first (before it obviously makes its way to the other platforms). It shows what the One can really do at launch. It should only get better in the future.

The gameplay on youtube ; [View:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrQ-1QlXWJk]        (Someone know what is the thing at 0:40???)

wow this game looks amazing.....I may have to pick it up sometime after launch got my 2 launch games chosen and paid for already.

if you are talking about ryse making its way to other platforms then you are way off the mark ryse is a XBOXONE EXCLUSIVE made by crytek funded buy microsoft studios

The game does look good ,but the AI is just all wrong ..Every vid of the game i see the other soldiers just stand and watch till your done fighting and do the finishing move on a guy then they attack ..Kinda lame

Looks good but I was expecting body deformation, guts and limbs flying.....brutal just like war is. Soldier Of Fortune released in 2000 had 26 points of destruction on each enemy body, you could shoot someone until they were a stumpy headless torso. This is next-gen.....let's see it. I'm still buying it, I cant say no to some good old Roman adventure.

@Feed You do realize games have different difficulty levels right?

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