ryse or dr3?

Both games are $40 at best buy and amazon right now.... Kinda wanted to pick one up but both seem very underwhelming even at that price. I'm kinda leaning more at ryse but maybe i should just wait for plants vs zombies or titanfall. 

Currently i have

Forza (good game but im kinda bored with it)

COD (why did i buy this? i have no idea)

Peggle 2 (probably the game i play the most sadly)

Spartan **** (meh it was $5)

Someone sell me!



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I got ryse at Chrissy and to this day it's the only game that's been in my xbox. I can't stop playing it. Most enjoyment I've got out of gaming in a long time. That's all I have to say!

how does the smartglass work with ryse?  Might be my biggest selling point.

Also, i really dont want to own discs but of course they are cheaper, becuase that makes sense....

After beating ryse I haven't touched it, story is decent gameplay is repetitive

Guess every one has a different opinion. Did you even try the multiplayer. It's a huge part of the game and honestly is my favourite part. But everyone to their own. Just my opinion.

I would choose Ryse but that's only because I have never had fun with any of the Dead Rising games. If you've gotten any enjoyment out of DR games then you should choose that. The game is much longer than the 6-10 hours worth of gameplay in Ryse.

I got Ryse and agree that the single player truly was awesome, but I haven't really touched it since beating it. I usually buy games solely for the Multiplayer and this was the first time I have played a campaign completely in a while, but I started to play the multiplayer and haven't really been drawn back to play it yet.

For me Dr 3 its absolutely brilliant. So many zombies. I'm really enjoying it far beyond its predecessors.

Ryse has a movie out lol and I gave it 5 stars www.youtube.com/watch

On sale for 40 dollars I would get both, their both must have for next generation.

If ya the sort of gamer that plays 1 game at a time untill completion,then either choice wont matter , I think they are both great launch titles and really show off what the xb1s all about,but if they are that cheap grab em both m8,either one is awesome,both full of violence,ones open world slaughter ones stunning hack n slash progression,,the only way id say ryse wins just slightly is because its brand new,and not been done befor on xbox.

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