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I love my new xbox one, feels much more stable and cooling better than the 360, however I still feel weird running netflixs or playing games long than an hour or so.  Anyone play much longer and does it seem to run fine during marathon sessions?


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I marathon everyday "after work that is" and my console is fine. I have logged many many a hours already. If I knew the number exact I'm sure it would be embarrassing!

I am not sure what justification you have to feel weird about it with not one report of overheating (that I have heard). But I marathon on the weekend and I have never had one issue.

Thanks, very quick reply.  I guess its the price of the machine that makes me so dang nervous lol

Well your right I haven't heard of a single over-heating issue, just so used to the little warnings on other machines that used to say take a break after an hour or so lol

Those warnings are still in place in the fine print. It now stands to get your blood moving here and there. Not health to sit around as much as we do