Rumour: Timesplitter 4 announcement coming soon

The last time we saw the Timesplitters series was when Future Perfect released back in 2005. A lot has changed since then, including the development studio Free Radical being acquired by Crytek – but more Timesplitters could be closer than ever.

According to a rumor recently printed in OPM, the big reveal for Timesplitters 4 is just around the corner. The magazine reads: “Gun-wielding monkeys are finally making a comeback! A fourth Timesplitters title is to be announced soon.”

In this case, my guess is that "soon" means "at GamesCom." Also, don't be surprised if/when you see Crytek's name attached to the project. The company has expressed interest in continuing the franchise. If the rumors are true, it's a good time to be a Timesplitters fan!




Great news if you like Timesplitters.  One of the best fps series imo.  I had TS2 and Future Perfect on PS2, they were brilliant.  And the map maker and bot matches were great.


Anyone else looking forward to this if it is announced?


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Interesting! One of my favourite games almost certainly. Wasn't it in the making previously, then ended due to closure? Can't remember the full story. Good to hear it could be back on track anyways :)

I've been waiting for this, for like forever.

I think it was in developement when the studio went bust or something, but Crytek bought it. But they focused more on Crysis 2 and they said they will consider making TS4 if Crysis 2 does  well.

Love the Timesplitter games [:D]

Timesplitters. Loved TS2 and TS:FP! Will need to go back and play them. Shame the Xbox 360 doesn't have backwards compatibility with them. I can't wait!

One of the many TS4 rumours I have heard going around is that it shall be shown officially when the next Xbox is unvelied.

Man at last. The Line was it was in the making but when Crytek took over the bought all the rights and materials up as well and basically Told Crytek UK they wanted to see what they could do by letting them make Crysis 2 then if they thought they were good enough Crytek UK would be allowed to get back to doing their own projects more and not being told by Crytek central that they had to do such and such a project.

It'll be nice if it comes back in the new Xbox live era of gaming, just imagine the map making and sharing said maps, Also the very Arcadey style multiplayer will do well.

I remember hearing on the grape vine that the first level of the game had already been made plus alot of the character models etc for later levels.

All I heard was the first level was going to run with the "Dusk Till Dawn" esc plotline element of a chainsaw wielding Nun having to fight zombies in the Mexican desert and finding some grand hidden secret

Same humour and same visual style then I'm a happy gamer. :-)

yeah i just hope they don't break it

If it is announced i'm just hoping it will be really popular online because it's generally just COD that dominates the market and alot of multiplayer games just die online.  It is also rumored that it might be being developed for next generation consoles, i think i posted it in a thread bout the rumour of the next xbox being announced at e3 2012 a couple of weeks ago.

Will be awesome if it's true. Played the Timesplitters series so much and enjoyed every single minute.  Hope they don't turn it into another COD.


I want weapon pickups and health pickups to be on the map, no weapon loadouts and regenerating health. Expand on the great character selection, maybe add a little customisation, bring mapmaker back along with the challenges, add 4 player online co op and Graeme Norgate to do the games soundtrack and it'll be one of the best, if not the best FPS on Xbox 360/PS3 imo.

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