Rumor:Xbox 720 and Wii U will be Similer

Hey was looking threw some game articals on my tablet and found this artical >

What do you guys think?



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According to that article, the Wii U is 3x more powerful than the PS3 - and I would guess, the Xbox 360 -  Problem with that is, it's totally false.  I don't think the person who wrote it knows quite what they're talking about.

Everything, and I mean everything, regarding Microsoft's new console is rumour.  There haven't been any official announcements yet.

Silly article. I don't believe a word of it.


Until Microsoft releases the real info I believe nothing.

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I think it is just another rumor.

[quote user="HaloJolly"]Can someone please invite me to 3E as an early birthday present?[/quote]What, you want to hear about the next console two months after it's unveiled.[quote]Then I can stop to wonder about the new Xbox ;)[/quote]Unless you have a one-on-one session scheduled with MS and sign an NDA, no you won't.

I have an idea. Let's pump this bogus article through the forums until people regard it as fact.

The next console will be on par with the PS4, and Nintendo will yet again be left hoping 1st party games get them through. I own a Wii U just for games like Zelda.

[quote user="MKMUTTLEY360"]

lets just wait for an official announcement from Microsoft


What he said. Let's wait for MS.

I can't believe I wasted my time in reading such a bogus "article". Ah, the problem with the Internets, make up something and spew it enough until it becomes "fact". The "article" even reads on it's own as counter;

[quote user="Lame Article"]
If you compare 7th and 8th generation games, there is only a slight difference. Nintendo's new console is maybe 3 times more powerful than the PS3 while the Xbox 720 will be 16 times more powerful. Even though the Xbox 720 is much more powerful, the Graphics and gameplay will essentially be the same.
Even under the bogus Rumor 16 times more powerful is the same as 3 times more powerful?! What?! That doesn't make any sense?

hahaha the new Xbox will be another new Gameboy for the TV? Do you really believe that? :D

Thanks for making me giggle ;)

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