Rumor: Prey 2 Possibly Cancelled

A rumor surfaced this afternoon that suggests Prey 2 from Human Head Studios has been cancelled.

Netherlands-based PSFocus says sources told the website that Bethesda will release an official statement next week regarding the game's cancellation. Bethesda representatives told Game Informer they have no comment on this report.

Lending credence to the rumor, the development team was originally supposed to give talks at the Game Developers Conference earlier this month about Prey 2, but they were cancelled weeks before the event.


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Nooooooooooooooooo! I hope not!

Awwww that would suck, I loved the look of it.

I really hope this is not true, one of the games I was most looking forward to this year.

I don't understand how cancelling a game that is nearly finished and they've spent all that money and not release it.

Bethesda has no statement on the rumor that Prey 2 has been canceled, a story which gained significant traction yesterday. Dutch site PSFocus reported that the game, in development at Human Head Studios, was kaput and that an official announcement would be made next week.

The last time Prey 2 showed up on our radar in a significant capacity was around GamesCom last August. As IGN notes, GDC talks planned for the game were cut a few weeks before the show.

This isn't the first time this year a high-profile Bethesda title made its way into the rumored cancellation mill, as DOOM 4 went through the experience twice in six month. The difference? Bethesda flat-out stated "DOOM 4 isn't cancelled."

I saw the game trailer for this at gamefest last sept. I then stood talking to the Bethesda team for ages about it and rage and trying to get more info. Will be gutted if that is the case! 1 of the only games I was looking forward to.

Ill be a sad panda if this news is indeed true!

Does look good indeed, hope to see it make the light of day.

Heh, it's the sequel to one of the most troubled game releases in modern gaming history..


Come on now, you didn't think it'd be easy, did you?


Did you see game play and things? It looked amazing. I had 5 games on my must buy list and that was one of them. Now I have to wait until september for any games...

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