rumor? kinect required to make xbox 720 function....


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I don't think it's true. I doubt they'd make people have a kinect to use their Xbox. Just my thought when I see this. Either way, I have a Kinect so it doesn't matter.

^ Did you read the article? The new console is rumored to be bundled with the new version of Kinect, so if you have the current version of Kinect it will not work with the new console. You do not have to purchase the new Kinect separately. Again, just a rumor.

Where are these rumors even coming from? Is some random person just posting this type of information online and the information is getting picked up by a lot of gaming websites? I seriously doubt microsoft would make it so that you will need kinect in order to get the next xbox to function. Doing that would just be shooting themselves in the foot. I seriously wonder where these guys are getting there rumors from.

actually my post includes a link to ign. i dunno where the guy who did that webcast got his info from tho

Notice the poor games lines up, Destiny sounds interesting but the rest are just BS.  Typical of MS with their rinse and repeat crap.

In a massive exposé leading up to its final issue, UK magazine Xbox World has revealed everything it knows about Microsoft's next Xbox console. This is exciting stuff, but remember: all the details in this post come from Xbox World, and should be considered rumors until they can be confirmed.

The next Xbox will not be called the Xbox 720 or Xbox 3; it will simply be called Xbox, in the style of Apple. Games that are known to be in development for the new Xbox (though not necessarily exclusively for the new Xbox) include Rare's Kinect Sports 3, Bungie's Destiny, Lionhead's long-rumored Fable MMO, 343 Industries' Halo 5, DICE's Battlefield 4, and Turn 10's Forza 5.

The new Xbox will reportedly sport "massive power," with a four-core CPU more powerful than any gaming PC. This will result in an increase in general performance—graphics, A.I., everything—in the next generation of games. DirectX 11 will increase game performance even further. And the new console will play Blu-ray discs, too—except for the "slim" version, which will be download-only.

Kinect 2.0 will come as a pack-in with the next Xbox. It can reportedly track up to four players and read minute movements right down to your fingers. Other technology—called Omnitouch—will allow Microsoft to explore some crazy augmented reality.

This involves a new peripheral, and though details are scarce, it seems game characters and environments will be projected directly into your living room in full 3D. Yes, like Cortana.

Moving on: the new Xbox will reportedly take advantage of 3D sound that can come from anywhere at once, simulating real surround sound—not just 5.1 or 7.1 surround.

Other rumors touch on the controller—it could feature a touch screen, programmable buttons, or changes even more extreme—plus cloud and always-on gaming, a radically different interface, and a new Microsoft that's friendlier to developers. There are too many details to list here, so head over to CVG to get the full scoop.

Is it all too good to be true? We might know as soon as February or March, when Xbox

World expects the next Xbox to be unveiled, ahead of a Nov. 2013 release. What do you want out of the next Xbox?

[quote user="DarKzEnergYz"]

Where are these rumors even coming from?[/quote] Read the article to find out.

A for amnesty...i checked the link you posted. WTF microsoft? the 360 had three of those processors running at 3.2 ghz! and yours specs say 8 core processor running @ 1.6 ghz? oy...

Does it matter where all these rumors come from ? and not all rumors will be false either some are going to be true too.  Just which are true and which are fake ? I think a Kinnect new 360 is very plausible.  Also it looks like we heading for a anti used games generation too.  This used games rumor has been a round now for a while now even developers don't know if it's true or not.  Best thing keep a level head and wait and see what happens from both Sony and Microsoft, got to admit though i'm leaning towards Sony more at the moment.

Well I really hope this rumor does turn out to be false mainly because of a cost issue. Kinect included with each system would drive up the price to support a device that I rarely use already. Now unless Microsoft plans on making Kinect mandatory with each game, I highly doubt they would do this. I mean they have always sold multiple skus to get more people to buy their console.

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