Rugby World Cup 2011 Or Rugby Challenge

Wonder what will be the best Rugby game this year!

I have seen screenshots for both, And have to admit Rugby Challenge looks better, Going to wait for a video from both games first.


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Didn't know there were 2 Rugby games this year.Only taken 6 years for us to get one.Probably end up getting both in case we have to wait another 6 years.

Was thinking the same mate, It will be good to have two decent Rugby games.

Looks like Sidhe (Rugby Challenge) have secured the exclusive use of some licenses inc All Blacks which will weaken the overall presentation and realism of the World Cup game.

To be honest I just hope Sidhe do a better overall job of Rugby Challenge than they did on the Rugby League games. Although I did enjoy the RL games they lacked the depth of the EA Rugby games.

Being starved of a decent rugby union game since my ps2 days I'll probably end up buyjng both.

Depends where in the world you are from. Being from New Zealand I'm going to get the Rugby Challenge one contains the local provincial competition here where as the World Cup one doesn't.

To be honest, looking at both screenshots Rugby Challenge looks as if it has the better graphics but the whole crowds and stuff on the Rugby World Cup one look better, just because a game has licenses doesn't make it better, it may make it more sort after but I think both games are worth a look at, It's not like you cant send one back if you don't like it :) 


Might as well get both

Might have to get Rugby Challens if it has the All Blacks in it.

HAKA time!!!

Rugby is up and coming over here in the states. there are more and more states every year that for senior teams, high school teams, and college teams. I and most of my friends think xbox needs to release rugby challenge for sale in the u.s as of now you can only play it if you live in australia or all of europe. Just trying to see what other people have to say about this.

Where is the Heinekien cup??

Rugby world cup is coming out first so will be getting that one, If it's a bad game then I might end up getting Rugby challenge.

Who cares they will be rushed pieces of **** due to the world cup and no major backer i.e EA etc.. shame really that they are just cashing in due to world cup year.

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