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I'm currently using a Livebox but the router seems to be losing connecting a bit I'm not sure if it is a problem, I was wondering is there better routers for gaming?


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Short answer - Yes.

However, connectivity problems reach far beyond that of just hardware, without more information, this community can't begin to diagnose why you're having problems.

Who is your ISP? What is your connection speed? Are you wireless? Is your router, telephone line splitters set-up correctly?  Have you run a test on your router?

Hi thanks for reply!

My ISP is Orange, Connection speed is 3.5mbps, connected via ethernet cable to main phone point, got one filter in, everything seems to be connected properly.

That seems pretty slow for online gaming.

Yeah it's not the fastest but it's the best the line can support and I have never really had any problems until this livebox started playing up.

3.5Mbps is fine for live. 0.5Mbps still works

I'm with Virgin, using the Super Hub. As good as it sounds, I keep losing the damn connection. It's really putting me off playing Xbox. I don't know who's fault it is but it's sooooooo annoying!