Rogue Playlist?

Hey guys. I noticed last night that on my recent games list and on my achievement list, a game called The Outfit has just appeared.  I dont know why?  I played this game for ten mins a couple of years ago, and traded it.  I dont have it in my collection anymore.  My son hasn't played/borrowed it either.  It has just come from nowhere.  I changed all my passwords ect, just in case but everything is fine.  I cant figure out how this game has just appeared at the top of my list all by itself, without being played?  Can this happen from time to time? Has anyone else ever had this?  I know it is just something silly, but I really would like to know how it got there.


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One of my friends experiences things like this sometimes I will compare games with him and the game he was just playing will be half way down the list and a game he borrowed from me months ago will be near the top. It is rather confusing.

I have always found my list to be correct. This is the first time I have ever noticed anything.  If it has happened before with say ME or DA, I may have not noticed. However, the Outfit is well old and stood out at me immediately. Really strange..

have you played offline laterly cause when i do dead or alive appears and halo combat or summin

Yes that may well be it Pingu.  I have played a few hours offline, last week.  Maybe when you go back online, it doesnt take your last five games correctly?  Like I say, strange.  The offline thing does sound plausible tho.