Rockstar Online Pass, When Does It Go Up In Price?

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960MSP after 14th June.

thanks, think i may pick it up.

I bought it, but tbh i haven't played any of it. Just can't get back into it now. Replaying all the levels for the 5 stars is going to be a nightmare, and now i know the outcome of the whole story it seems a waste of time.

yeah i wanted to smash it and get the full G. but then i saw the car achievement. i know its visable but its just so stupid. ive just opened a love film account, so im gonna increase my gamerscore a fair bit over the summer.! (10,000+)

I had to replay about 5 missions to get the 5 stars and tbh it didnt seem like too much of a chore...I just made my partner drive everywhere and it really seemed to speed up each mission

The car achievement IS a bit tough as they all kinda look the same lol. I have about 60/95 driven and with around 15 hidden cars to find its still gonna be tough to get this achievement

The hidden cars show up on your map Darth 5 every 5 levels or something like that. Look at the ? marks. The car thing won't be that much of a chore (when I rebuy the game, sold it when GS had that effectly 40quid trade in for it)  The main menu lets you see which type of car you've unlocked so once you've got decent amount can look up like 3rd car in the two door blah section and look it up on achievement guides so know what it looks like/where normally are.

The 5 star cases was EASY o_o The game was too predictable least I think with the faces for truth/dout/lie and since I never bothered driving to each scene myself didn't get any damage etc (not like the driving is enjoyable is it ? lol) only think I needed to replay 1

Will rebuy when it's cheap and like with RDR get all dlc when on sale. (They'll bring out the two desks that were cut from the game no dout)