I want to be able to play Robotech Invasion on my XBOX 360.  As I understand it is not a combatable game.  Is there a patch XBOX could make, make the game avalable as an arcade game, make a new game based on it for the 360 ect.  I rilly liked the game and would love to play it on my 360. 


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thats what im trying to avoid.  Cant they make a new one just for the 360

[quote user="baneblade84"]thats what im trying to avoid.[/quote]The game was also available for PS2.[quote]Cant they make a new one just for the 360[/quote]Why would you ask in this forum? Games do not grow on trees. Intellectual Property licensing is complicated. Why don't you send an email to the developer, Viscious Cycle? They're still in business.

You cant if you want to play the game buy an old style original xbox.

so how do i get them to

Microsoft stopped working on backwards compatability patches in late 2007.