Roadkill ( old xbox game ) problem on xbox 360

Hi !
I just bought Roadkill, a game I was playing when I had the first xbox.

Now I have the xbox 360 but when I launch the game, the main menu is not displaying, so I only succeeded to play single player but I want to play at the multiplayer mode of the game also with my friends !

Does anyone had that problem too and know how to fix it please ? ^^
The screen is not black, I can only see the video that normally appears behind the menu..


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Did you make sure that the disk is not broken or scratched in any way?

I do, I watched under the disk and it has almost no scratches, it must be a weird problem or I don't know. Before buying the games I checked if it was well supported on xbox 360 and it is ..

Online multiplayer was shut down for original xbox games a few years ago.

Even if it did you would need a gold subscription to play online,the profile you are posting with is silver.

You would only be able to play single player or local multiplayer if the game supports it.

I don't want to play to the online multiplayer, but on the local multiplayer, btw the game don't have online multiplayer I think, I just want to be able to see the main menu ..

This is the closest I could find about the topic - I guess you aren't the only one :(

yeah I saw this topic too, but ( I'm french ) the only thing I understand with it is that playing on a old xbox game disconnect me of the live when I play on a xbox 360 but I don't care the game don't have online multiplayer. I don't know what OXM disk is and where can I found it ..

I'll have to find a video of someone who have the game to know what to do when I launch the game in "blind mode" x)