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I may not be the most experienced gamer of all time, however... i do remember TEAM 17 using random mapo generation a long time ago for "Worms2" and has been used more recently i am sure. What i want to know is if it is possible to make a game around RMG... and if so why not do so? it would make a unique game experiance for each person who played the game. If a story mode was included then each time you played the game youy would get a unique experiance. I'm not a programmer but i do know that setting certain rules for the generation should make it possible right? Online play would become more interesting as you could have a new map all the time instead of having to download new ones all the time... i know it might be impossible as the processing power needed for it might not be available yet and you would need a lot of time and effort and about a million different varietys of weapons etc if it was a shooting game at all... but i just thought i'd put this on here and see if i'm alone in assuming an RMG game would be popular...

Leave me some comments... i want to know what YOU think!!!


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It would be possible to create content creation tool to do it, but you would have to devote a huge amount of programmers time to create decent automated AI tool. Most of that would be refining its understanding of what you want and the technical limitations it needs to stay at. Just picturing a lot of fairly simple levels that an artist would need to populate with added details and bug test. I used to let the AI bots go mad in my Half-Life, Unreal, and Quake engine maps to find bugs and judge how well it played single and multiplayer.


A lot of tools are already like that in the way you simply select road tool and in two seconds the terrain is deformed, textured, and things like guard rails or other features are automatically added using a rule set. Used to have to create a height maps, paint a texture, place the non terrain models, and bake out two textures for non dynamic shadows. I could think of it working just not outside speeding up development tools right now. Maybe working it's way into something like the Forge in Halo, but making scripting game sequences as easy as painting the road. Crowd source it and the best stuff will float to the top.


Since Soldier of fortune 2 I have always remember it being a really cool feature to have a new map every mulitplayer match even if they were kind of ugly and most of the time fairly odd in structure placement. If you could get a pool of several hundred procedural generated or user made maps that were tested then things that would be interesting. Every so often I see a simple demo concept pop up for peer review. Would be interesting to see a developer take a procedural generation feature and build a game around it.

The UFO series of games used random maps to generate missions, Farcry on the original XBox had a map editor, and Trials HD has a course editor, and some PC games have map editors on some games.

The problem is that the map would have to be generated by either one of the players consoles in the lobby, or by the server software, both is do-able, but rather complex... But here's hoping eh!

i understand what your getting at with how big maps can be... but there is always a limit. and as we are all well aware programmers and hardware are always imporving... it may come to a point when we have enough power within the machine to create a non linear RMG, i hope so... but i agree big maps are great... take Borderlands for example... and of course with one of the biggest maps ever you have WOW for the pc... got to love challenges hehe ^^ thanks for the feedback

Diablo II used random generation quite a bit for dungeons and Soldier of Fortune 2 had a random mission generator as well as a random map generator for multiplayer.  Most games don't use it because you have to break the game down into very simple sections instead of much more polished set pieces and linear level progression. Now  you can make a game pretty much as big as you like so the need for random generation isn't needed. Just Cause 2, and Red Dead redemption are good examples of how just a large game world can be enough.

Some sort of random map generator would be grate for online death match games, as you could no longer memorize the maps it would add an extra sense of danger around every corner & no more people running to there favorite camping spots.