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So I called today to inquire as where my XBOX is as I have not received back from Microsoft yet. Now granted this may be entirely my fault as I have moved since sending my console off over a month ago and failed to remember to update Microsoft about my new address. Put that aside for the moment as it has no relevance after I explain the rest of the story. Upon calling them, the lady who was anything but understanding(granted not her job to be heartfelt, but at least fake it enough to make me feel like you care) and commenced to tell me she could find nothing under my name or number about a repair. Problem! After trying everything under the sun to at least locate my rma request much less my actual console (mind you this is a GOW3 console) I was beyond ready to explode. But i held it together until I asked her " so you are telling me I am just out of a system theN?" Her response, " I am afraid so". Simpley put with no remorse or concern. So I am posting this to see if anyone else has had this issue....


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I remember a time when service reps were much friendlier and helpful.I would love to go back to those days

Hell I would settle for one that spoke something resembling english. Friendlier? Forget it. As I post this I still have not heard anything from Microsoft about my XBOX. So I will take what I have to the Better Business Bureau and let them sort it out.

I Have gone well over a month with no XBOX and that will simply not do.

Have you tried checking the status of the repair here?


You also should have received an e-mail with a tracking number when they shipped it back to you.