rise of nightmares bad reviews?????

ive had this game since release date and its awesome! ive looked on amazon and other game review sites and there really poor scores. this game uses kinect in a very unique way which isnt perfect but its better than good. if more game devs can take this as a start and release more free movement games instead of more mini-games or on the rails shooters than all kinect owners are in for a treat. fair enough the story isnt amazing and the gameplay dosnt have much depth when you see past the kinect interaction but who cares when the only way you could be more invovled in game is by actually being a computer character. there have been games with very shallow gameplay (COD series comes to mind) with better scores. i love horror films and games and the way you control the main character in the game makes me feel like im in a horror film. thank you sega for having the balls to be different and well done on the result!


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Dont touch this game its awful my brother bought it and within an hour he returned it, i watched him play it for 30 minutes and myself would give it a 3/10 the controls are awful but thats expected since kinect is only for games like fruit ninja and so on not FPS's