Ripped off by MS (xbox 360).

I am one of the close to a million YouTube viewers who have watched videos on fixing the 3 Rings of Death on our XBOX 360s.  This is the second XBOX 360 that has failed to live up to hardware standards.  The first died within 2 years.  This second died 3 months past the extended (since they know its defective) 3 year warranty.  While a 3 year warranty sounds great it does not make sense that a company blatantly tells its customers that "*** happens."  Hardware breaks...too bad, you want a new XBOX 360, then pay us what a used XBOX 360 sells for at Gamestop.  This is deceptive consumer fraud at its worst.  I have spoken with 360 reps for hours and the company line is..."you want a replacement...that'll be $100.00 online $120.00 over the phone."  I have been a Live customer for 8 years this November and an Xbox owner since the original launched (launch night) 2 years prior.  I do not want special treatment...MS is selling/has been selling defective hardware for years and while it extended its warranty the rationale behind 3 years is trivial.  Hardware breaks?  Why does my PS2 still work, my 20 year old tube tv, my almost 30 year old Atari still two XBOX 360s do not?  Join me and the hundreds if not millions affected by MS's decision to sell defective hardware by its unscrupulious CEO...Bill Gates on Facebook...Ripped off by MS (xbox 360).  We need followers to show this people that we stand united against a company whose practices intend to hurt loyal consumers.  Thank you...CGP


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There are some typos since after attempting to correct them, MS did not allow me to do so.  Check BillGates on Twitter.  He's obviously concerned about the plight of people in countries other than his own and has publicly made derogatory comments agaisnt the poor in our own country.  As a loyal MS and Xbox 360 user this is hypocrisy at its worst!  Join me and help us stop this beheamoth from taking our hard earned money while sending jobs overseas.  I emphasize this, because, I was lied to as to where MS sends its calls.  Turns out its not India but Indonesia.  Not the US as I had initially been told every single MS call is routed to a US call center.  I have no problem with globalization I have a major problem with a corporation so many of us support lying to us!  Also @cgperes.  Bill Gates and Company do not care about their consumers.  It cost the company less to fix 3 rings of death than it does it to ship back and forth.  They're cleaning their defective hardware...period!  If we do it, we violate their policies.