RIP: COD Series

Though I'm not that fond of the COD series simply because I am bored of military shooters, I have to admit that one of the last times I was blown away by a video game was as the Fire Team fled the sinking ship at the beginning of "Modern Warfare 2".


They did such a good job that I was actually considering getting "Modern Warfare 3" when it suddenly dawned on me...


It's not being made by Infinity Ward.


We seem to have forgotten that Activision fell out with Infinity Ward and sacked the lead developers on the Team.


Now "Modern Warfare 3" is being described as "currently being developed by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games with Raven Software assisting in development".


So will it sell a lot of copies?


Of course it will.  It's the latest COD man and ask any teenager and they'll tell you it's the best game ever.


Will it actually be worth buying?


I'm not going to chance it this time around.


At least we should thank Activision for killing a tired genre.




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Trouble is though like you said it will still sell shed loads of copies thereby paving the way for next years cash in, sorry i meant sequel.

So far i've bought every COD title on release except for COD 4 but i won't be doing so this year, i'll rent it for the campaign at some point & that will do me, I have no interest in the MP whatsoever.

I've said many times now that I have no interest in MW3 and this will be the first time I've not purchased a COD/MW title.


I still say though if you a still a fan of the series then I see no reason ( From what I've seen of the game ) that this won't be just if not more enjoyable than previous titles.

Dont think the term RIP can be applied to CoD. Despite the glaringly obvious reboxing of the same MP as MW2 for every COD game since, and an SP that has gradually gotten has captured and created a community around it that makes it such a money maker for its publisher and MS that its never going away. Like Lofty, I wont be buying MW3 this year, the first time I have no picked up a CoD game since COD4 on launch and really, the community of Blops and Fifa 11 really turned me away from being Gold and going online with games..same old games with the same poor community. Proud to be platinum!

I will buy it as i still see it as the superior shooter for console gaming.

Plus all my friends will buy it.

Like Lofty I probably won't buy it but MW3 will sell more copies than any other game ever. Hardly the grounds for a 'RIP'...

Hold on a minute... what makes you think it isnt being made by Infinity Ward... - IW started work on MW3 early 2010, and Sledgehammer Games were called in to help complete the game alongside IW early 2011, in which to do so they had to cancel the game that they were working on separately. It's become a joint effort based on a development process started by IW. Although I can't wait - I am expecting a short campaign, and to feel like I've jumped back into MW2 ...

Most of IW left to join Respawn or what ever there called, hence why all the other studios were called in to help, i think at one point it was just Stealth Clown sat in the office talking to himself

I don't usually go in for FPS (due to lack of skill) but MW3 is going to be a day one purchase for me. I can't wait to see the end of the story thats developed between Price & Makarov - I really hope the campaign is on par with Modern Warfare.

But for me the whole new approach to Spec Ops makes it worth price of admission alone, it really looks special. Ill pop my head into MP no doubt (and get it quickly blown off), even if its just just a copypasta with a few tweaks.

So, RIP? No, in fact this'll be the first one that I actually buy.

I love the Modern Warfare's campaigns but for me MW3 just looks like MW2!

And again it will sell shed loads to the mindless drones who play Fifa! The COD community has gone down the pan since COD4. I played MW2 for the first time in what seems 6 months and the first few games all I got was abuse from mouthy teenagers.

I haven't liked them since cod 2, my son buys them so i play his for about 30 mins before i get fed up.

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