right out of the box there are problems

Well I should have learned my lesson after the RRoD debacle of the 360 but we bought a xbox one.  Christmas morning open the box with the kids...everyone is so excited...till we try and play a game.  The gpu is busted.  pixels glitching, games are unplayable.  Ever have a screaming 8 yr old who cant play his new xbox?  So I went online and found many are having this problem.  You'd think tech support would have been working on a solution..but they acted like I was the first one who has experienced this.  After an hour of online "help" support told me to call for a repair..REPAIR! its brand NEW!.  2 hour wait time...no music, its just static... Imagine having to listen to static for 2 hours, while kids are upset screaming for their big BROKEN present..OH MERRY FREAKIN XMAS!!!.  

I took it back to gamestop and bought a ps4.  EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


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The PS4 has just as many hardware problems.  Hope you don't have a repeat experience on that though...

In fact if you had gotten a PS4 there was a potential to just plain be bricked out of the box.  You wouldn't even have been able to boot it up to see any pixel problems.

Epic bye,bye...

Bye bye :) you could have just exchanged it at Gamestop as it is their problem that they gave you a faulty unit. But what the hell, have fun with your broken buggy PSN :)

The only thing that has failed is you as a troll (silver 0) .

Oh look. Another brand spanking new account with problems. How original! I haven't seen anyone with An existing account have troubles in the last few days. But there are multiple threads from new accounts complaining. Very suspicious indeed!

Funny how every single person with a problem has a silver account with 0 gamerscore, standard rep, etc. Oh look, they all mention they're going to PS4 as well. PS4 can't be that great, half the users are over here trolling rather than playing on their games console, or messing around on their own forums, lol.