Right Joy Stick Stopped Working on All My Controllers

Ok so my Xbox One got a update today March 4th Idk if it's the public update or part of the update preview I joined but about 15 mins ago I was playing Battlefield 4 when all of the sudden my right side joystick stopped responding, I tried 3 controllers altogether and the right side joy stick doesn't work now on any of my controllers. Any one have any suggestions I've already tried a soft reset and unplugged the console.


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Maybe update the controller? Doesn't the new dash have new firmware for the controllers?

I did update the controller firmware and it had no effect. I ended up calling customer support and this guy said he's never seen a problem like this but he had me clear the system cache by disconnecting all wires info the Xbox 1 and hold down on the power button for 2 mins, after this all my controllers work fine. Thanks Cunningham1420