Reverting an ext hdd back to an pc recognizable drive *not a question but easy guide* 3 steps

So after playing with an array of the wonderful win tools as disk manager and cmd prompts and a rather long list of breadcrumb info websites i found the easiest method so here's the fruits of my 4 hrs. there's only one file i downloaded test disk from cgsecurity its opened source and free and made this possible it is extremely simply and be sure to run it as admin (right click run as admin)

So you want you ext. hdd and since its set up for xbox it wont show up in your drives under commonly refered to as my computer or pc and will be refered to as pc icon henceforth.

*if already comfirmed it does connect skip to step 2.*

step one lets make sure it really not a dead drive it happens, Right click on Pc icon and choose manage it will open a list of system tools under storage click disk management it might seem like it freezes but its just reading all drives and listing them it will most like ask you what to set disk 1 as just choose mbr and look for ur hdd in the list. ifs its not listed check your cable or interchange it if possible if you find it among your list it should say its unall. its most likely the biggest drive but your unable to change anything with disk manager thats ok its alive and u see it on to step two.

step two

download test disk by cgsecurity *google it im anti hyperlink for life* unzip it  and run as admin on testdisk_win it will then ask you what type paratiion you like can even set up xbox with it chooce pc/intel then format the drive using the test disk then close t.d. *dont choose xbox it will remain unusible

step three

reopen disk manager it will ask again so choose mbr ( master boot record ) now its almost done you then need to right click on the drive and choose the first opition to make a single volume iif you dont wish to spilt it up then leave it fully expressed as max number i wanted muliti drives after you use the volume creation opition and assigned it a letter it will now be used as a normal pc ext hd.

i wish mircosoft will make a tool for this it was such a pain i choose to share it i dont really play on my xbone anymore and i needed to back up my stuff and laptop infact it really bothered me so i hope this helps just one person besides me ill be happy


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