Returning the first Xbox I hope this is the last

I had first purchased the PS4 but I really missed Xbox Live and the flow of my 360. So I sold my PS4 and purchased an Xbox One, so far it is has been an awful experience. Here is what happened in total of 3 days I have used it.

  1. It will not power on. (I have to completely unplug and let everything sit in order to get it to turn on again.)
  2. The screen goes back in the middle of games. (I will be playing and boom it says lost signal then seconds later it comes back and the game is still going)
  3. The Xbox Live headset doesn't work. ( I have to reboot the entire system to get it working again.)
  4. Terrible Frame Rate drops in games that were smooth on the PS4 (I have read and was ok when folks said it was marginally different, this things struggles to play games with massive Frame Drops)
  5. Games keep crashing back to dashboard
  6. Netflix shows will not load past 99% (I have had to delete and reinstall apps over and over to get them to work)
  7. Sound quits working while watching a movie (I have had this issue with Netflix as well as Amazon Video)
  8. Streaming video quality is choppy and jittery (It looks like the system is struggling to play a video in 1080p, I open up my ipad and my roku and it is smooth as butter)
  9. The entire system os is laggy choppy and just plain terrible.
I have tried all the normal switching of HDMI inputs as well as power sources. I also run it hard wired to a 60Gbs Internet connection so it should be smooth as butter.
I can understand you may get a glitch or two but wholly crap are they selling Dev units? I really want to like this system but Microsoft you are really making it difficult. I had a PS4 and while it didn't have some of your features it worked and it worked well. I have put everything back in the box and will be returning the system at my local Game Stop. I will be exchanging it for another so I sincerely hope I got a dud. If this is how this thing works normally then Microsoft is in serious trouble with this thing. I can afford a gaming PC but I get a console for the simple fact that it is supposed to just work and work well.

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I guess you should have kept your PS4.

Well, it sounds like you got a defective one. I would bet at least 1-3 are not due to xbox design at all (defect or HDMI cable). 4+5 I wouldn't be surprised if it is due to xbox design, and 6-9 could be either way (defect or design).

Number 2 sounds like an HDMI cable or port issue (my PS3 for example is very picky about what HDMI cable you use. We have one it works fine with but the cheap ones we bought all do the exact same thing you are describing and it is really obnoxious... and this is for a phat and super slim PS3 as I have both and both do that with the cheap cables. If you are using cheap HDMI cables, I suggest buying a more expensive one if your next xbox does the same thing... quality of HDMI cable can seem to matter).

I am using the HDMI cable that came with the system. I also used 2 different ports on my TV. I have an Apple TV and a Roku 3 as well as have used my Xbox 360, PS3, and recently PS4 on the same TV with no issues.

I really hope its a dud, I love the games so far and the extra features over the PS4. It just has to work to be valuable to anyone who is going to drop $500 on a game box.

Thank you for the suggestions Shadow.

Bizzaro, These forums are an important place to post the real issues from real customers. This feedback is how Microsoft will improve their systems. It is up to us to give good accurate mature feedback. Your trolling garbage is what ruins these fourms. Please grow up.

Try something, if you have the issue again with the next xbox, try using that cable on the PS3. I can  attest the PS3 is annoyingly picky about HDMI cables so that will probably tell you something (You'll probably have to use it for a bit to see... at least on my PS3 it's random and sometimes it works fine for a while so maybe use netflix on it a while to see if the cable does the same thing).

Oh, and yeah, this forum is incredibly oversensitive about any criticisms of the xbox (as you can see). I think the problem is there has been a lot of debate so people now immediately assume you're just trolling if you say anything bad about xbox.

I feel for you im on my 3rd X1 already. The game crush is due to a problem that MS will fix in the Next update and some of the game crush are due to the game company like BF4 crush due to DICE mistake. The other stuff I never heard of so cant help you there. But I hope your new one works  

I havent had one of those problems are u just trolling the forum? Or maybe u got one they accidently dropped. U sound like you dont even have a xboxone to me but I could be wrong.

Just cuz you did have one of these problem does mean I didn't happen. But If what he says is true than he got a broken one for sure. And if hes lying/trolling Than it want be anything new.

[quote user="ZTROOPER16"]

Just cuz you did have one of these problem does mean I didn't happen.


Well Said

Game Crush? Crash? Other?  Anyway, wording aside.. The cause of games stopping and forcing you back to the homescreen is more or less related to how much processing you are using at that moment. Say you have multiple programs open that required constant streams of data (BF4 open with IE in background with skype in background). Of course there will be a issue. Think of it as the Blue Screen from Windows for the X1. Only the X1 doesn't crash but the main app open will stop. Nonetheless it is an issue that must be fixed. Only problem is how to fix this without removing the systems ability to process multiple apps at once. For now I just recommend closing apps you are not using at the moment.

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