Resume Games Quickly sucks now since updating

Before the March update came out my resume games quickly even though it was a beta it worked perfectly fine. Ever since I got the March update now my resume game quickly works less than 50% and it's starting to *** me off especially when I'm playing games and I leave my game at like a critical point. Is anyone else having this problem and does Microsoft plan on fixing this soon?


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Yeah, I am having this same problem. Before the March update, it worked every single time with AC IV. Now, every time I boot the console, the game reboots as well. It is extremely annoying, especially since it was so awesome before hand.

complain in the preview forums

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Im starting to think all who say group not found are not even in the beta.

I understand that some users had issue with forum access but that was already adressed and i have heard little to no issues of users not able to access the private preview forum.

Some i will post the registration support link and they will try and tell me that that public domain is restricted as well.  Hhhmmm whats the word for that?

@Listed, the OP never stated ge was in the preview program, he said he was having issues since the March update. Ive seen a couple of other users report this but I havent had an issue. My advice would be to always save before exititng the game.

Oh my fualt then i mis read that.