Respawn: Xbox One not planned but caused improvement in PC version

I just read a joystiq article saying that TF was originally only made for the power of high end PCs. When MS sent them the Xbox one dev kit, they found out it was just as powerful if not mores than the most powerful of gaming PC's. Just one more + on the side of xbox!!


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I'm not sure how this is true since barely any company so far can't get past 720P resolution. I'm not complaining about that, just stating facts.

Not to be that guy but I bet Respawns Dev kit came with a sauce packet. I got one with my day one edition but it said do not pour on until after March 20th. Hmmmmm.....

Hmmm.... Kinect takes 10% or DX12 delivers 10%.....

No-Where does it state in that article that the Xbox One is just as powerful as a PC.

Nor does it state that the Xbox One is the most powerful console of all time/best console of all time.

The article states that Titanfall was PC only until they looked at statistics. In fact it goes to say that to cater for the Xbox One, they had to make changes to the source engine so it could run on an xbox one, because they were not using Direct X 11, at the time.

How you come to the conclussion that an Xbox One is just as powerful as a PC is beyond me. Anybody here, with any sort of Gaming Rig will tell you otherwise.

Sometimes i swear you do this to wind people up....... Stick to facts, it is easier.

I had to laugh when I saw IGN's Titanfall Xbox One Vs PC. I thought what's the point in that? PCs gamers call themselves 'master race' because of the super duper mega graphics that put consoles 'to shame'. There's no way my measly little wimp of an Xbox is going to compete with a PC? Is there? Is there?

I honestly couldn't tell the difference. I tell a lie. I actually thought the PC version looked washed out in a lot of the footage. LOL!!

Xbox wins!

@SpartanOstrich3: You make me Lol every time I read your comments. I'm not being sarcastic I'm being truthfull. You crack me up buddy keep it up :)

I agree with Zombie, PC is no longer the king in gaming, that crown goes to Xbox 1!

Hairy, why do you always do this, I come here sharing information with my brothers, and you have to grind my gears. It clearly states that it was originally for PC, then they went to the xbox one because its a better overall platform than the pc, go away silver troll!!  

I rarely play games on my PC, so the point is moot for me - stop making comparison threads, Spartan; they're not allowed.

Also, as rare as it is that I'd agree with Hairy, I must do so here; he's right - stick to the facts.

The wonderful thing about PC gaming is that you can simply Google the latest specs from Alienware and then claim that these are the specs of your personal set up, which you bulit yourself... for £100.00.

Lol, calling me a troll.

That's the pot calling the kettle black. I was just informing you off your serious use of mis-information in the title.

And thanks GG.

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