Resolution question and pre order help

Can you get 900p on a 1080i tv  I was going to buy ryse son of rome but im more of a cod and battlefield type of guy would dead rising  3 be a good choice or should I just play it safe and buy what I know is going to rock.


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Probably not. Most likely you will only get 720p or 1080i. Will still look great though.

Thanks buddy

Basically, you want to hack and slash zombies or barbarians? DR3 has a history to fall back on and the makers of Ryse are shaky.

Everything is upscaling to 1080, no matter what the native resolution is.   So, you will want to view all games on the 1080i TV

Lord dirt dead rising 3  looks like a good  game I must say but for 64 bucks  is it worth it or is it more of a  wait for a price drop buy

Hard to say, I enjoyed 1 and 2 and they do have a lot to do in them but it can get tiresome. Seems a few places will have buy on get on 40% off or buy two get one free sales so it would be a nice pick up if you can find a sale like that.

So I have battlefield 4, and cod ghost on pre order for xbox one and cod, is really starting to get old. I like the series, but we need a break seriously cod is like a bad habit. I need help but  you would think if you buy a $530 dollar console you would get 1 year of xbox live free in the box  .

please dont start that. I havent paid more than $35 a year for Xbox LIVE