Resi 4 HD pro mode/Cleared game

Hey not been on here in a while but I've bought Resi 4 HD and finished the game on hard mode now I'm looking to go through again on Pro mode but was wondering is there anyway to carry all my weapons over? reason I'm asking is because when i load the cleared game it starts again with all my weapons etc but I'm not sure if its on pro mode or just regular and when I start a new game on pro mode I don't have any weapons... Hope I explained it well enough Thanks in advance :)


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You can't carry anything over from your regular playthrough, you have to start pro without your weapons. Pro does apparently become a lot easier if you have the costumes you get for completing assignment Ada though because Ashley gets the suit of armour that makes her basically invincible.

Ahh ok cheers mate thought it would have been like Resi 5! Is the infinte rocket launcher n chichago typewriter still available  to buy at the merchant? I've got the suit of armour far ashley so that should be easy

Nope, they are only available on new game+ as well.