Reserved gamertags not being used.

Does anyone know a way to get a gamertag that is just taken but not used in your hands? I have been looking up new gamertags all week, and 90% of the ones I can't use are just taken by accounts that are not in use. They accounts have never been used, they have no gamescore, no different picture, and haven't been online in a  long time. Does anyone know a way to get it, or does anyone agree that it should be fixed? I'm really tired of good gamertags not being used. Opinions and advice please.


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Uh, be more original and create a GT that someone else hasn't thought of? For the record, my original GT on my first 360 is still technically mine but I did not remember the email and password for that account so I had to create this account when I got my second 360.....

That's more understandable, but these haven't been  used once.

Microsoft no longer announce when gamertags will be recycled to stop people snapping them up and sell them for profit

Those gamertags might not look like there used but they could be used for other online services from Microsoft.

Also, last time Microsoft freed up old, idle gamertags, people quickly created bogus Windows Live IDs to snatch up desirable gamertags with the intent of selling them. So that might explain where some of the good, unused tags have gone.