Request To Change XBL Gamertag

Im getting so many hate messages on Xbox Live  and dont have enough money to change my Gamertag. I would be glad if i could just change it and have it over and done with...


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I would head back to the site that told you this would work and tell them that it no longer does.


There is nothing about your gamertag that breaks the rules, so you wont be getting a free name change.


What you need to do if you really are getting hateful messages is to file a complaint against the people through your console and then mute and block them. Instructions on how to do both can be found behind this link

Hanging around that site will surely get you banned at some point,unless your bio does first.

Yeah but like I dont want to wreck anyone elses game by being a snitch

we are all snitches here,as we are not in gangs,the mafia or prison.

Everyone here likes to have fun playing games by the rules,and paying for the things we want,not trying to scam a way to get them.