Reputation System does not work ... at all

One of the big features that was talked about a lot before the X1 released was the rep system. Players who trolled, cheated, etc. consistently would eventually be changed from "Good Player" with a green meter to "Needs Improvement" with a yellow meter, or even "Avoid me" with a red meter. I have gone on numerous trolls profiles and even a few cheaters, leaderboard glitchers, etc. Everyone's meter is the exact same.

In early December, I got into a Forza game with a kid that was trolling everyone by purposely causing crashes. He would drive the wrong way until he reached a group of cars, and the start driving the right way and cause a collision. When the game was over, everyone in the lobby who had a mic decided to report him. It was about 5-6 people, we all reported him. I followed him to see if his reputation meter ever moved even a little bit, and it's been a few months and it still hasn't moved.

In fact, the X1 has been out for 4 months now and I still have not seen one meter that is different from anyone else's. I try to go on peoples profiles that are talking smack in lobbies, trolling, even some leaderboard glitchers on Powerstar Golf and BF4. But they are all the same.


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to be fair, I have seen the same thing. I have never seen one meter that was different. Also, all you can do is "report" a player. You can't "Prefer" them like on 360 either so that meter only has one direction, down. The new rep system is not any better than the old. I swear the minds that made design choices for this UI are some of the most logically challenged individuals I have ever seen.

I have noticed this myself & it is upsetting. I wish we knew more about what specifically goes on behind the scenes, if anything. Is it automated? What kinds of things does the system look for when a report is made? Who actually investigates the report in person, if anyone, and if so how many? What kinds of things do they look at or for? How many reports does it take to reach the lowest depths of your reputation? How does the system keep track of the good things you do to make your reputation go up? I could go on... I simply hate not knowing and what concerns me is that I am not so sure they will tell us for fear that we (or at least the bad apples) may use the information to further abuse or take advantage of the system.

I supose I'll ask this: Has anyone seen ANY other player with a reputation in any position other than green? If anyone says yes to this question that will at least confirm that it does work (just not necessarily the way it should work).

Here is how the update system worked on the 360, at least for me.

1. People on my friends list got a prefer.

2. Ignore giving feedback on 90% of people I played with.

3. I suspected/caught you cheating/boosting/lag-switching? I would find something legitimate to

   report you on.

4. I was winning in C.O.D.? I get reported for unsporting (Killing you multiple times is unsporting?), trash talk (My mic is off.), aggressive (Isn't the point of the game  to win?).

No other game would I get "reported" on. By no means was I the greatest C.O.D. player, as in half the time I played looking at the T.V. sideways lying on my side. I remember one time testing my theories with my girlfriend. Her and I looked at my rep, then I started a "try-hard" game of Black Ops 2. I was in beast mode, sitting upright in a chair, using every ounce of "skill" (Lol.) I had. Mic was off, people are dying left and right (About 40 kills/8 deaths at the end of the match.), 12 captures (Domination.),and when the opposing teams mics went hot I was being cursed. At the end of the match I took hits for aggressive and unsporting.

The above scenario was not to brag about how good a C.O.D. player I was (Many times I have went 2 Kills/40 deaths), but to show how flawed the rep system is. I can't imagine it being any better on the X1.

Peace, J.R.

Watch the X1 media press release again. One of the P.E.T people explains the way everything behind the black curtain works.