Reputation from preferred to avoid in 5 mins____case ref: [Mod Removed]

To whom it may concern, 

I was playing Battlefield 4, and I was disconnected from my server. When I log back in I could no longer join any game servers and my reputation was set to avoid. It is very suspicious being that I encountered a person that I thought was hacking the previous night. I reported said behavior, And sent the person a direct message about hacking. They sent back a smart Alec remark, and I volleyed it. Perhaps I am guilty of being sucked in to  negative communications, but I did not threaten this person or see anything racial. I believe they might have hacked my reputation. How does it go from positive to negative  in such a brief moment? 

 Please help I only wish to play my video game, and I just bought this Xbox one to be able to hang out with my brother online. He moved halfway across the country and this will be a big part of our interaction. 



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Posting reference numbers is not allowed on the forums,they are for phone/chat support only.

Your rep can't be hacked.

No one here can help,for info on the rep system read this

Thanks for getting back to me Daft, I do appreciate it.

It's quite the bummer that XBox Live is trying to do good things with their new rep system, but it is FAILING miserably.  Unfortunately, people click on other users' profiles to leave positive feedback about as often as they send somebody a random warm/fuzzy message.  That said, it is quite easy to see how "2" negative feedbacks in my first month online -vs- "0" positive has got me to where I'm at. But, how stupid is that?!  I could be clanned up with 2 friends, we are in a post game lobby .... decide we don't like some camper .... and all three of us give him a bad review in one day. Insta BANNED!

Glad to hear "nobody on the forums can help", after MS sent me here stating that "nobody in support can help".

Per the suggestions:

1) MS support specified that I post w/ their reference number so they can track the post

2) ANYthing that is remote (i.e., only exists on the internet) can be hacked. For our exercise, somebody can take a handful of 2-day trial codes, create some fake profiles, and spam a person's rep tomorrow.

All the best.

Hacked is an awful strong word. The reputation can't be "Hacked" unless Xbox Live as a whole is hacked. And that is yet to happen. The system however is subject to abuse like any other. The can't spam your reputation either. 1 review per account will count. And if the submit too many false reviews they will eventually not do as much. Sorry this happend to you. Maybe I can submit a good review if you invite me to a game sometime. Its a start.

You can't submit good reviews on the xbox one.

Your right though,your profile/rep can't be hacked so that's not what has happened.

@Daft Badger, oh lol I actually never found a need to submit a review of any kind lol I just ignore people unless the broke the Code of Conduct ill file a complaint. Unless I had it coming lol. I'm a gamer not a reviewer.


You guys are right, "hack" is a strong word. I'd like to go back on the record with: "player reps are exploitable" in their current state.  The designer of the new feedback system stated it needs a 'critical mass' of complaints, but with my 2-and-out example ... clearly this is not the case.

The system needs a quick and easy overhaul. What the heck is wrong with people leaving positive feedback, why was this changed?!  The only resolution MS Live Support could offer was sending me here. The only resolution the Forum has to offer is follow up with Enforcement Team.  The only resolution the Enforcement Team has to offer (the same as stated on Player Rep details page) is to play with other users in MP online gaming and receive no complaints. This, however, is impossible because "your player rep is not eligible to play on this server" is all you will see for the indefinite future.

BTW, I put the image link at the top so you can verify my claim

I agree we should go check uservoice. If no one has I'm probably going to make and "idea" or else vote for an existing one.

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Staff is aware of the issues with reputation and is looking into thing

Mike Ybarra (Xbox Staff) tweeted out


We're looking at reputation and have changes in the works. More on this soon.