Representations of video games on TV

So I was watching this weeks 'Breaking Bad' (which is a show that all of you plebs should watch) and I noticed this scene

of it pimping out RAGE. Except in the universe of 'Breaking Bad', RAGE is an on-rails lightgun shoot-em up.

A bit of a disappointing portayal considering how accurate the writers got all their zombie references in an earlier episode


Anyway, in light of this pointless anecdote I'm just wondering how many other examples have you guys came across of good/rubbish

depictions of games in TV programmes? Do they make you cringe? Does blatant product placement annoy you or do you think it's cool?


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[quote user="L1nko64"]

Not Timespliters its Red Faction 2 ;) but that also didn't have the player 2 vocie over either


It's definitely Timesplitters 2 that is in Shaun of the Dead.

In one of the later episodes of Angel, the spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Drogyn and Fred/Ilyria are playing Crash Bandicoot but I swear some of the noises are wrong or something.

Shaun of the Dead - When Shaun joins Ed for a game of Timsplitters it says "player 2 has joined the game" "player 2 has left the game" this feature was not available mid match, granted it may have been for the laughs in the movie

Not Timespliters its Red Faction 2 ;) but that also didn't have the player 2 vocie over either

[quote user="Transmecharian"]

With the Braking Bad episode it was portrayed different for effect as with his recent doing and killing don't wanna spoil anything with the tension and build up in jessies mind and house and house the scene with lights and sounds portrays rage as on rails shooter as with a pad the scene would not have the same effect


Perhaps, but I still feel like it was an extremely clumsy way to delve into a character's psyche. I think that blatant product placement like that should be kept away from important, narrative-furthering events.(That kind of contradicts what I said with The Wrestler but meh. The CoD4 reference in that was subtle and clever.)

At least the scene with Badger et al talking about Nazi zombies wasn't so incongruous. It's exactly the type of inane convo that you'd expect a group of stoner layabouts to have.

Neighbours. Terrible show but they all seem to play a zombie game on the Wii and Guitar hero on the Xbox. You never get to see who's winning.

I doubt they're even playing.

Damned actors!

Heres just some i've noticed

Spaced: (another Simon Pegg thing oddly lol)

Heres just a few of the referances in it.

Tim vs Daisy being shown as a Tekken 3 match that Tim was just playing (though the health bars seem to vary alot and not show like the fight was done in one round as implied)

Daisy's favorite video = the Tony Hawk 1 bails unlockable video.

Tim Playing Resident evil for a full night solid then thinking the zombies are coming out of the TV the spazzing out at an interperative theatre show after party believeing himself to be trapped in the game

Tim Playing Tomb raider and drowning her to help get over his ex / remove annoyance in his life.

Hollyoaks (yes I know trashy doesn't even cut it)

Tom having a PSP / DS sometimes

other characters owning consoles (even if sometimes they are sitting playing on the PS3 on a game like Heavy Rain holding a white 360 controller)

Family guy

"Peter to learn to drive here go play GTA for 5 hours"

also Peter on MW2

South Park

Cartman wanting a wii

The WOW episode


Anthology of intrest episode with the invaders from planet Nintendu 64

The whole film Stay Alive which though the game is fictional I want it and it seems to mostly get everything right (bar the fact PS3 controllers can't easily be connected to PCs)

Scott Pilgrim vs the world ( That awesome ninja game oh man)

Many, but i just pass it of as meh....mainly becasue if i made a issue over it then i wouldn't be able to watch anything on TV without finding something to make a issue out of.

Though every time someone plays a 360 on a advert or in a soap the controller is never turned on :D

There are lots of moments in films where games are incorrectly displayed. For example, during the Hitman movie. Agent 47 enters a room in the hotel where two children are playing Hitman: Blood Money. The issue with that would be that the game is single-player only. There are a lot of other examples, and a lot of them can be seen in this thread from Giant Bomb.

Ps2 pads not ps3 pads in sta live ;)

The WoW epsiode of Warcraft shouldnt be counted as a negative either, no idea why anyone would see it as a negative.

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