Reporting cheaters.

So I just read tons of stuff on this site about reporting cheaters.


I have always done it over the phone and through my console, but now the people are telling me to do it here on the Forums

but from What i read people are saying dont do it???

Someone needs to Figure out whos job is what at Xbox live and Give us a play to report cheaters and describe the nature of their

cheating for two reasons. 

1.  helps the investigation

2. filters out people who just report because they are getting beat by the game.

People are Using a GOD mode in Battlefield 3 which renders them Impossible to kill.

someone want to help me out here?


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Reporting cheaters here on the forums, is not the way. Naming and shaming them isn't accepted. Use your console to report the people you believe are cheating and the Policy Enforcement Team will look at it and take action.

First, the forums should not be used to report players and phone support do not handle those types of issues.

Second, it's your job. File a complaint via console and your job is done. Every complaint is viewed and handled by an actual person, there is no automation at all.

Because every complaint is handled by a person it takes time to reach enforcement. For one, the volume of complaints far exceeds the number of enforcers. Second, the enforcers cant simply take action, they need to investigate first.

[quote user="The Cthulhu"]Because every complaint is handled by a person it takes time to reach enforcement.[/quote]Sort of.


As I recall, part of the Vulcan system combines multiple complaints against a gamertag into one complaint. The enforcement agent then reviews that one complaint. PET has a commitment to review all complaints within 24hrs, so it takes up to a day for a complaint to be reviewed. I don't believe there's been a public commitment to action a complaint, though. Review's just one step in the process.

Some times you need to take matters into your own hands. Go buy a knife. Lol. Tooshay

I filed a complaint once or twice and then I realized I doesn't matter. It's sort of like voting. There will always be people who cheat. They will NEVER go away. I grew up playing games when the internet was invented yet so I don't mind if I never play an online game again.

I advoid CoD and Battelfield etc type games to advoid the hassell. I guess I will always buy used now. No need for online passes anymore. What a relief.


ok so i need to report someone for cheating cannot find him online but have full video of him and friends both using tactical insertion on mw3 to get m.o.a.b i have the video in my vault what do i do ?????

You wake up and realise you are playing a call of duty game that was,is and always will be full of cheaters.

That is a great question which I am trying to figure out too, although mine if for HALO Anniversary multiplayer, which MS states is fairly cheater free, but I have two videos, one for sure the player is using a network lag device since he runs into a wall and the magically appears in a different location behind me and another player.  I have two different views and have no clue how to or who to send the video too.  The other video is questionable, the player jumps from the third level to the first floor in Solitary.  He jumps and hits the floor and disappears then incredibly he is back on the third floor and jumps again and disappears and incredibly a second time appears on the third floor (same spots) and jumps again and again disappears and magically appears on the third floor for one final and lasting jump to the first floor.  That may be a bug, I'm not sure.

I don't wanna use player reporting because it may be an anomaly and not anyone's actions to cheat.  That is Microsoft's job to determine that.  

So how do I report the suspected cheaters because the console isn't clear on that.  

I think the real problem for me at least is that i dont hear anythin after i filed a complaint. this makes me feel frustraded because i feel nothing is being done. and eventhough i am convinced thats not true it still feels like it. what they should do is send you a message if after they investegated it and  apropiate actions have been taken they should send everyone who has filed a complaint against the offender a little thank you message. like 4 example; thank you for helping us whit getting rid of unwanted elements on xbox live. There you see that would go a long way whit players,i think this would get rid of the feeling that complaining is useless.

Hey Jack 8,

You are that would be nice.  The console doesn't allow you to submit video evidence, or does it?

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