Reported and banned for cheating on Xbox live?

OK so last week I was playing gta online and I was in a free mode battle against another crew of players and they all decided to report me for cheating. 

Shortly after this happened I received an email and a 24 hour ban to my account for no reason. I filled a case review and they denied my claim. There was zero proof of anything or me cheating at any point. 

Is there anything I can do or anyone I can contact about this? I don't believe it is right that they can literally ban any one at any point with little to no proof for a service I paid for. 

Any suggestions or tips to help resolve this? 


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Nothing you can do.

You wouldn't of been banned so quickly as the enforcement team have to investigate any reports before taking action so you were probably suspended for something that happened a while ago.

As I said,they carry out a thorough investigation so they have proof of what you did but are under no obligation to show you anything as per the ToU/CoC you agreed to.

I've never cheated ever in any video game online. I play games competitively and I don't think it's fair that if other players are sore losers that they can report me at will and get me banned for literally doing nothing wrong.

Might be worth logging in here & reading about enforcement

You will only get banned if you have done something wrong,you won't get banned for "nothing".