repair not complete due to void of warranty

What does it take to get a repair done? Given the amount paid to play online, I would think that Xbox would take better care of their customers. I get a second hand 360S and now cant turn it on, when I see that it is still covered under warranty I take advantage of it, The unit is now back and not only still not working its not even in the same state as when I sent it!

The fact that even though Sony offers free online play and I still pay a hefty fee to have the gold membership, should be enough to get the damn repair done and not hide behind the lame void due to tampering, this is a travesty! I want something done about this! Not to mention that I have also purchased add ons!



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Well,   Maybe a local shop can repair it.......  May I ask what the Sony price structure has to do with a MS repair???   A repair is possible it will just cost money.   GOOD LUCK!!!!!

serial number for my unit is 531068515205

not the point. the unit says it is covered under warranty and I expect it fixed! and the fact I'm paying to play online should motivate Xbox to fix it. They make money hand over fist and all I want is a working unit.

You have clearly bought a second hand tampered with console,microsoft have every right to refuse to honour the warranty.

Your argument should be with the person you bought it from.

Maybe the warranty rules are not clear to you......   WE don't need the SN.....  You were denied.  A working unit is availible for a price.   Please contact support........GOOD LUCK!!!!!

BTW, a Gold Subscription is not needed for gameplay......   Just ask OWEN  :)

They also wouldn`t have repaired the console if it was out of warranty and you were paying,if it was tampered with.

A warranty is only valid for the first-hand purchaser of the console.  The warranty becomes voided at point of sale to second-hand parties.  Warranty is also voided if the console has been tampered with or modified.  Opening the case may qualify the console as having been tampered with.  Bottom line:  Buying used consoles is always a buyer-beware process.  Xbox will not perform even a paid repair on a console that has been flagged for system tampering.  If I were in that situation, I would cut my losses with the lemon console and head straight to a reputable business to buy myself a new one.

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Not to mention that I have also purchased add ons!

[/quote]Just to append to what every one is saying, your add-ons aren't going anywhere.  If you decide to purchase a new/untampered with Xbox, then you can recover your gamertag, do a license transfer, and re-download all of those add-ons.