Reoccurring hardware problem with xbox one day one edition (disc reading/internet connection)

 Starting off, I have a Day one edition and it has been a lemon ever since getting it.  Initially, it had small disc reading problems and internet problems but I dealt with it.  Eventually it stopped playing discs and the internet wifi wouldn't work at all.   Device was sent in last November with a disc drive problem and hardware problem dealing with internet access.  Since receiving the Xbox one back it has worked but still has some back and forth problems dealing with the wifi (seemed like the disc drive was corrected but not the internet problem).  As of late the internet will not work at all dealing with the wifi and wired connection.  The device throws an error message stating the device does have ehternet/wiresless hardware issues. I am not sure why this is but I shouldn't be dealing with this problem again after such a short amount of time of it being so called fixed (6 months).  Would love to have this issue resolved and to continue to have a great relationship with the xbox community. I have owned an xbox for 8 years and dont want to be burned by this and switch to playstation.


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