renting games

You know what would be possible. That microsoft offers a rental service on there the game that has a timer built into it. Or could be better yet offer everyone a 5 min trial of every game


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With an online system we could someday see the return of rentals. The system would obviously need a connection to the servers for authentication (that couldn't be spoofed) otherwise it would play nothing, but someday this could happen.

To deny all chances of spoofing or hacking they'd could stream the entire demo/rental. Then it would never be on the users' systems. This of course brings up a great deal of problems... I actually have an onlive box and there is noticeable input lag, I can deal with it (beat a few games), but it's not ideal.

Sony would probably be there first with it's acquisition of Gaikai, but if they did you bet MS would follow suit most likely.

They could make Netflix of games, really old games for a monthly fee or something along those lines for games from the 1990s-2000 that would be fun